These guys are true local heroes

A fitting statement for a very generous group of Victorian Forest Contractor Association members and Friends of Forestry.


During July, the Yarra Valley Railway received a huge 'helping hand' from the local timber industry who removed hundreds of invasive pine trees at Lubra Bend. Our Vice President described the pine trees in question as "environmental weeds that pose a great risk to fire safety and to the safety of future rail operations."

"As soon as the forestry workers from Friends of Forestry heard that this community infrastructure project had a major issue with these trees, they offered their services at no cost!

We can't speak highly enough of Friends of Forestry. They are very much community focused and minded. These forestry contractors and workers have given up their time and considerable equipment to complete this part of the rebuilding of the railway.

We would especially like to thank Rubicon Cable Co., Robin Logging, Chalmers Logging and Forestree for their commitment throughout the planning and execution of this amazing effort."