Rail Cars

The 7 day a week steam hauled passenger service concluded on the 28th of October 1957. They were replaced by 153 Horse power Walker Rail Car operating 4 trips per day each way on weekdays and 3 trips per day on the weekends. Previously the steam services were 3 trips a day on week-days and 2 per day on weekends. On Sundays it could have been either Steam or Diesel Hauled.

Generally a “T” or “B” Class diesel (allowed 1953-1962) or a “J”, “K” or “D3” steam loco. From the 21/4/58 the Education Department subsidised school trains using a Walker Rail Car. This rail car service crossed with other services at Yarra Glen until 1972.



RM22 returns to Healesville (11/03/06).